Commit 05720162 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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Fix doc-string of 'display-buffer-in-side-window'

* lisp/window.el (display-buffer-in-side-window): In doc-string
clarify why the window returned gets dedicated to its buffer.
parent a1bbc490
......@@ -1008,8 +1008,9 @@ do not permit making a new window, a suitable existing window may
be reused and have its `window-slot' parameter value accordingly
Unless `display-buffer-mark-dedicated' is non-nil, softly
dedicate the side window used to BUFFER. Return the window used
Unless `display-buffer-mark-dedicated' is non-nil, dedicate the
side window used to BUFFER so that it does not get reused by
other `display-buffer' action functions. Return the window used
for displaying BUFFER, nil if no suitable window can be found.
This function installs the `window-side' and `window-slot'
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