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......@@ -400,7 +400,7 @@ You need to configure your machine with a fully qualified domain name,
If you cannot fix the configuration, you can set the Lisp variable
mail-host-address to the value you want.
** NFS and RFS
** NFS
*** Emacs says it has saved a file, but the file does not actually
appear on disk.
......@@ -412,55 +412,6 @@ detect the problem. Emacs checks the failure codes of all the system
calls involved in writing a file, including `close'; but in the case
where the problem occurs, none of those system calls fails.
*** Editing files through RFS gives spurious "file has changed" warnings.
It is possible that a change in Emacs 18.37 gets around this problem,
but in case not, here is a description of how to fix the RFS bug that
causes it.
There was a serious pair of bugs in the handling of the fsync() system
call in the RFS server.
The first is that the fsync() call is handled as another name for the
close() system call (!!). It appears that fsync() is not used by very
many programs; Emacs version 18 does an fsync() before closing files
to make sure that the bits are on the disk.
This is fixed by the enclosed patch to the RFS server.
The second, more serious problem, is that fsync() is treated as a
non-blocking system call (i.e., it's implemented as a message that
gets sent to the remote system without waiting for a reply). Fsync is
a useful tool for building atomic file transactions. Implementing it
as a non-blocking RPC call (when the local call blocks until the sync
is done) is a bad idea; unfortunately, changing it will break the RFS
protocol. No fix was supplied for this problem.
(as always, your line numbers may vary)
% rcsdiff -c -r1.2 serversyscall.c
RCS file: RCS/serversyscall.c,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -c -r1.2 serversyscall.c
*** /tmp/,RCSt1003677 Wed Jan 28 15:15:02 1987
--- serversyscall.c Wed Jan 28 15:14:48 1987
*** 163,169 ****
* No return sent for close or fsync!
! if (syscall == RSYS_close || syscall == RSYS_fsync)
proc->p_returnval = deallocate_fd(proc, msg->m_args[0]);
--- 166,172 ----
* No return sent for close or fsync!
! if (syscall == RSYS_close)
proc->p_returnval = deallocate_fd(proc, msg->m_args[0]);
** PSGML conflicts with sgml-mode.
PSGML package uses the same names of some variables (like keymap)
......@@ -495,9 +446,10 @@ This is a known limitation of Emacs with no solution at this time.
*** Emacs uses 100% of CPU time
This is a known problem with some versions of the Semantic package.
The solution is to upgrade Semantic to version 2.0pre4 (distributed
with CEDET 1.0pre4) or later.
This was a known problem with some old versions of the Semantic package.
The solution was to upgrade Semantic to version 2.0pre4 (distributed
with CEDET 1.0pre4) or later. Note that Emacs includes Semantic since
23.2, and this issue does not apply to the included version.
*** Self-documentation messages are garbled.
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