Commit 0592cefd authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Fix hang with large yanks This should fix the bug fixed by Mike

Crowe's patch in:
A problem in this area has been reported by several users; see
Bug#16737, Bug#17101, Bug#17026, Bug#17172, Bug#19320, Bug#20283.
This fix differs from Mike Crowe's patch in that it should avoid a
race condition that could lose SIGIO signals.  ignore_sigio dates
back to the 1980s when some platforms couldn't block signals, and
could only ignore them, which led to races when signals arrived
while being ignored.  We shouldn't have to worry about those old
platforms now.
* src/dispextern.h, src/sysdep.c (ignore_sigio): Remove.
* src/emacs.c (shut_down_emacs):
Don't call ignore_sigio; unrequest_sigio should suffice.
* src/keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_store_buffered_event):
Use unrequest_sigio, not ignore_sigio.
Call request_sigio when getting the ball rolling again.
parent eed81d27
......@@ -3373,7 +3373,6 @@ void unrequest_sigio (void);
bool tabs_safe_p (int);
void init_baud_rate (int);
void init_sigio (int);
void ignore_sigio (void);
/* Defined in xfaces.c. */
......@@ -2011,7 +2011,6 @@ shut_down_emacs (int sig, Lisp_Object stuff)
/* There is a tendency for a SIGIO signal to arrive within exit,
and cause a SIGHUP because the input descriptor is already closed. */
unrequest_sigio ();
ignore_sigio ();
/* Do this only if terminating normally, we want glyph matrices
etc. in a core dump. */
......@@ -3649,8 +3649,7 @@ kbd_buffer_store_buffered_event (union buffered_input_event *event,
/* Don't read keyboard input until we have processed kbd_buffer.
This happens when pasting text longer than KBD_BUFFER_SIZE/2. */
hold_keyboard_input ();
if (!noninteractive)
ignore_sigio ();
unrequest_sigio ();
stop_polling ();
#endif /* subprocesses */
......@@ -3849,6 +3848,7 @@ kbd_buffer_get_event (KBOARD **kbp,
/* Start reading input again because we have processed enough to
be able to accept new events again. */
unhold_keyboard_input ();
request_sigio ();
start_polling ();
#endif /* subprocesses */
......@@ -659,14 +659,6 @@ unrequest_sigio (void)
interrupts_deferred = 1;
ignore_sigio (void)
signal (SIGIO, SIG_IGN);
#ifndef MSDOS
/* Block SIGCHLD. */
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