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; Add NEWS entries for recent Xref changes

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......@@ -1466,6 +1466,17 @@ buffer periodically when 'auto-revert-avoid-polling' is non-nil.
** Xref
*** New variable 'xref-show-definitions-function'.
It encapsulates the logic pertinent to showing the result of
'xref-find-definitions'. The user can change it to customize its
behavior and the display of results.
*** Search results show the buffer even for one hit.
The search-type Xref commands (e.g. 'xref-find-references' or
'project-find-regexp') now show the results buffer even when there is
only one hit. This can be altered by changing
*** Xref buffers support refreshing the search results.
A new command 'xref-refresh-results' is bound to 'g'.
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