Commit 05d28205 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-known-square-matrixp): New function.

(math-pow-fancy): Check for matrices before distributing exponent
across products.
parent 36eaa68f
......@@ -305,6 +305,17 @@
(and (not (Math-scalarp a))
(not (math-known-scalarp a t))))
(defun math-known-square-matrixp (a)
(if (eq (car-safe a) '^)
(math-known-square-matrixp (nth 1 a))
(and (math-known-matrixp a)
(or (math-square-matrixp a)
(and (or
(integerp calc-matrix-mode)
(eq calc-matrix-mode 'square))
(eq (car-safe a) 'var)
(not (math-const-var a)))))))
;;; Try to prove that A is a scalar (i.e., a non-vector).
(defun math-check-known-scalarp (a)
(cond ((Math-objectp a) t)
......@@ -1869,6 +1880,21 @@
(cond ((and math-simplify-only
(not (equal a math-simplify-only)))
(list '^ a b))
((and (eq (car-safe a) '*)
(math-known-matrixp (nth 1 a))
(math-known-matrixp (nth 2 a)))
(not (eq calc-matrix-mode 'scalar))
(and (not (math-known-scalarp (nth 1 a)))
(not (math-known-scalarp (nth 2 a)))))))
(if (and (= b -1)
(math-known-square-matrixp (nth 1 a))
(math-known-square-matrixp (nth 2 a)))
(list '* (list '^ (nth 2 a) -1) (list '^ (nth 1 a) -1))
(list '^ a b)))
((and (eq (car-safe a) '*)
(or (math-known-num-integerp b)
(math-known-nonnegp (nth 1 a))
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