Commit 05d6956f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(mostlyclean): Delete bootstrap-emacs here.

(clean): Not here.
parent 2fa0eedf
......@@ -1159,8 +1159,9 @@ ${libsrc}emacstool: ${libsrc}emacstool.c
rm -f temacs prefix-args core *.core \#* *.o libXMenu11.a liblw.a
rm -f ../etc/DOC
rm -f bootstrap-emacs
clean: mostlyclean
rm -f emacs-* emacs bootstrap-emacs
rm -f emacs-* emacs
/**/# This is used in making a distribution.
/**/# Do not use it on development directories!
distclean: clean
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