Commit 06302656 authored by Adrian Robert's avatar Adrian Robert
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* frame.c (do_switch_frame): Under NS_IMPL_COCOA section, check whether...

* frame.c (do_switch_frame): Under NS_IMPL_COCOA section, check  whether selected frame is viable before raising it (based on patch  by David Reitter), and improve commentary.
parent 1564e649
......@@ -867,8 +867,12 @@ do_switch_frame (frame, track, for_deletion, norecord)
Fselect_window (XFRAME (frame)->selected_window, norecord);
/* term gets no other notification of this */
if (for_deletion)
/* Under NS, there is no system mechanism for choosing a new window to be
selected -- it is left to application code. So the portion of THIS
application interfacing with NS needs to know about it. */
if (for_deletion && FRAME_VISIBLE_P (XFRAME (selected_frame))
&& FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (selected_frame))
&& ! FRAME_ICONIFIED_P (XFRAME (selected_frame)))
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