Commit 0634a78e authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

Remove conditional compilation on NO_PROMPT_IN_BUFFER.

(Fcurrent_message): Rewritten.
parent b96fd3e8
......@@ -1606,14 +1606,12 @@ make_buffer_string_both (start, start_byte, end, end_byte, props)
Lisp_Object result, tem, tem1;
if (INTEGERP (current_buffer->minibuffer_prompt_length))
int len = XFASTINT (current_buffer->minibuffer_prompt_length);
start = min (end, max (len, start));
start_byte = CHAR_TO_BYTE (start);
if (start < GPT && GPT < end)
move_gap (start);
......@@ -2432,12 +2430,7 @@ DEFUN ("current-message", Fcurrent_message, Scurrent_message, 0, 0, 0,
"Return the string currently displayed in the echo area, or nil if none.")
if (STRINGP (echo_area_message))
return make_string (XSTRING (echo_area_message)->data,
return (echo_area_glyphs
? make_string (echo_area_glyphs, echo_area_glyphs_length)
: Qnil);
return current_message ();
/* Number of bytes that STRING will occupy when put into the result.
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