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......@@ -87,7 +87,9 @@ to the FSF.
latin-1-prefix and latin-1-postfix.
** Implement a clean way to use different major modes for
different parts of a buffer.
different parts of a buffer. This could be useful in editing
Bison input files, for instance, or other kinds of text
where one language is embedded in another language.
** Give start-process the ability to direct standard-error
output to a different filter.
......@@ -107,8 +109,8 @@ to the FSF.
See the Gnus development sources for assigned code concerning GPG
use with mail, which is probably a good start.]
** Save undo information in files, and reload it when needed
for undoing.
** Save undo information in special temporary files, and reload it
when needed for undoing. This could extend undo capacity.
** Merge the Emacs regex.c with the Glibc regex.c.
They split off a few years ago through negligence.
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