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* objects.texi (Process Type, Overlay Type): Tweak page-breaks.

parent 2da3a0d2
2012-05-04 Glenn Morris <>
* objects.texi (Process Type, Overlay Type): Tweak page-breaks.
* intro.texi (Caveats): Copyedit.
(Lisp History): Convert inforef to xref.
(Lisp History, Printing Notation, Version Info): Improve page-breaks.
......@@ -1568,7 +1568,6 @@ runs in a process of this sort. However, in Emacs Lisp, a process is a
Lisp object that designates a subprocess created by the Emacs process.
Programs such as shells, GDB, ftp, and compilers, running in
subprocesses of Emacs, extend the capabilities of Emacs.
An Emacs subprocess takes textual input from Emacs and returns textual
output to Emacs for further manipulation. Emacs can also send signals
to the subprocess.
......@@ -1632,7 +1631,7 @@ buffer temporarily in a different display style. Overlays have no read
syntax, and print in hash notation, giving the buffer name and range of
@xref{Overlays}, for how to create and use overlays.
@xref{Overlays}, for information on how you can create and use overlays.
@node Font Type
@subsection Font Type
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