Commit 0691ced3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(ediff-find-file, ediff-patch-file): Handle symlinks.

Check ediff-if-lucid when setting up Emacs 19 menus.

(ediff-save-buffer): Added option for saving diff output.

(ediff-fine-diff-buffer, ediff-ignore-similar-regions): New variables.
(ediff-no-fine-diffs): Macro added.
(ediff-next-difference, ediff-previous-difference)
(ediff-make-fine-diffs): Enabled a new feature that allows one to
skip over the difference regions where the only differences are
the white space and newlines.
(ediff-toggle-autorefine): Fixed a bug that caused error when the
current difference is <= 0 or > ediff-number-of-differences.
parent a30f0615
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