Commit 06c72792 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(w32_createwindow): Remove code for handling -geometry command line option and

`initial-frame-alist' which is superfluous after the last change to
parent 9c9f0081
......@@ -2080,32 +2080,7 @@ w32_createwindow (f)
if (!hprevinst)
Lisp_Object ifa;
w32_init_class (hinst);
/* Handle the -geometry command line option and the geometry
settings in the registry. They are decoded and put into
initial-frame-alist by w32-win.el:x-handle-geometry. */
ifa = Fsymbol_value (intern ("initial-frame-alist"));
if (CONSP (ifa))
Lisp_Object lt = Fassq (Qleft, ifa);
Lisp_Object tp = Fassq (Qtop, ifa);
if (!NILP (lt))
lt = XCDR (lt);
if (INTEGERP (lt))
left = lt;
if (!NILP (tp))
tp = XCDR (tp);
if (INTEGERP (tp))
top = tp;
if (f->size_hint_flags & USPosition || f->size_hint_flags & PPosition)
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