Commit 06da1de1 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(IT_cmgoto): When tracking echo area messages with the

cursor, save and restore previous cursor position in the
parent 3b080018
......@@ -771,15 +771,38 @@ IT_cmgoto (FRAME_PTR f)
/* Only set the cursor to where it should be if the display is
already in sync with the window contents. */
int update_cursor_pos = MODIFF == unchanged_modified;
/* If we are in the echo area, and the cursor is beyond the end of
the text, put the cursor at the end of text. */
static int previous_pos_X = -1;
/* If the display is in sync, forget any previous knowledge about
cursor position. This is primarily for unexpected events like
C-g in the minibuffer. */
if (update_cursor_pos && previous_pos_X >= 0)
previous_pos_X = -1;
/* If we are in the echo area, put the cursor at the
end of the echo area message. */
if (!update_cursor_pos
int tem_X = FRAME_DESIRED_GLYPHS (f)->used[new_pos_Y];
int tem_X = current_pos_X, dummy;
if (echo_area_glyphs)
tem_X = echo_area_glyphs_length;
/* Save current cursor position, to be restored after the
echo area message is erased. Only remember one level
of previous cursor position. */
if (previous_pos_X == -1)
ScreenGetCursor (&dummy, &previous_pos_X);
else if (previous_pos_X >= 0)
/* We wind up here after the echo area message is erased.
Restore the cursor position we remembered above. */
tem_X = previous_pos_X;
previous_pos_X = -1;
if (current_pos_X > tem_X)
if (current_pos_X != tem_X)
new_pos_X = tem_X;
update_cursor_pos = 1;
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