Commit 07437c73 authored by Richard Stallman's avatar Richard Stallman Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Display a help text when listing EPA keys

* lisp/epa.el (epa--list-keys, epa-list-keys): Display a help text
that explains what the letters mean.
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......@@ -361,7 +361,10 @@ If ARG is non-nil, mark the key."
'start-open t
'end-open t)))))
(defun epa--list-keys (name secret)
(defun epa--list-keys (name secret &optional doc)
"NAME specifies which key to list.
SECRET says list data on the secret key (default, the public key).
DOC is documentation text to insert at the start."
(unless (and epa-keys-buffer
(buffer-live-p epa-keys-buffer))
(setq epa-keys-buffer (generate-new-buffer "*Keys*")))
......@@ -371,13 +374,28 @@ If ARG is non-nil, mark the key."
(point (point-min))
(context (epg-make-context epa-protocol)))
;; Find the end of the documentation text at the start.
;; Set POINT to where it ends, or nil if ends at eob.
(unless (get-text-property point 'epa-list-keys)
(setq point (next-single-property-change point 'epa-list-keys)))
;; If caller specified documentation text for that, replace the old
;; documentation text (if any) with what was specified.
;; Otherwise, preserve whatever intro text is present.
(when doc
(if (or point (not (eobp)))
(delete-region (point-min) point))
(insert doc)
(setq point (point)))
;; Now delete the key description text, if any.
(when point
(delete-region point
(or (next-single-property-change point 'epa-list-keys)
(goto-char point))
(epa--insert-keys (epg-list-keys context name secret))
(set-keymap-parent (current-local-map) widget-keymap))
......@@ -396,7 +414,13 @@ If ARG is non-nil, mark the key."
(car epa-list-keys-arguments)))))
(list (if (equal name "") nil name)))
(list nil)))
(epa--list-keys name nil))
(epa--list-keys name nil
"The letters at the start of a line have these meanings.
e expired key. n never trust. m trust marginally. u trust ultimately.
f trust fully (keys you have signed, usually).
q trust status questionable. - trust status unspecified.
See GPG documentaion for more explanation.
(defun epa-list-secret-keys (&optional name)
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