Commit 074b781a authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(update_text_area): Put code which decrements the

stop position when the row's face extends to the end of the
line in � 0.
parent b94c0d9c
......@@ -4198,13 +4198,16 @@ update_text_area (w, vpos)
struct glyph *current_glyph = current_row->glyphs[TEXT_AREA];
struct glyph *desired_glyph = desired_row->glyphs[TEXT_AREA];
int overlapping_glyphs_p = current_row->contains_overlapping_glyphs_p;
int desired_stop_pos = desired_row->used[TEXT_AREA];
#if 0 /* This shouldn't be necessary. Let's check it. */
/* If the desired row extends its face to the text area end,
make sure we write at least one glyph, so that the face
extension actually takes place. */
int desired_stop_pos = (desired_row->used[TEXT_AREA]
- (MATRIX_ROW_EXTENDS_FACE_P (desired_row)
? 1 : 0));
if (MATRIX_ROW_EXTENDS_FACE_P (desired_row)
&& !w->pseudo_window_p)
stop = min (current_row->used[TEXT_AREA], desired_stop_pos);
i = 0;
......@@ -4316,11 +4319,13 @@ update_text_area (w, vpos)
/* Maybe clear to end of line. */
if (MATRIX_ROW_EXTENDS_FACE_P (desired_row))
#if 0
/* If new row extends to the end of the text area, nothing
has to be cleared, if and only if we did a write_glyphs
above. This is made sure by setting desired_stop_pos
appropriately above. */
xassert (i < desired_row->used[TEXT_AREA]);
else if (MATRIX_ROW_EXTENDS_FACE_P (current_row))
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