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Add Border.

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......@@ -105,6 +105,15 @@ Bookmarks are akin to registers (q.v.@:) in that they record positions
in buffers to which you can return later. Unlike registers, bookmarks
persist between Emacs sessions.
@item Border
A border is a thin space along the edge of the frame, used just for
spacing, not for displaying anything. An Emacs frame has an ordinary
external border, outside of everything including the menu bar, plus an
internal border that surrounds the text windows and their scroll bars
and separates them from the menu bar and tool bar. You can customize
both borders with options and resources (@pxref{Borders X}). Borders
are not the same as fringes (q.v.@:).
@item Buffer
The buffer is the basic editing unit; one buffer corresponds to one text
being edited. You can have several buffers, but at any time you are
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