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Merge from origin/emacs-26

a1c53d42 (origin/emacs-26) * admin/admin.el (make-manuals-dist--1): Up...
d0f745f6 Document some compilation-mode faces
23ccba0c Mention the assignment form in "Copyright Assignment"
0f5568ea Fix confusing wording in the user manual
70ec3928 Fix the MSDOS build when running under CWSDPMI
7a608fc6 * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Be more careful about temp file r...
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......@@ -696,6 +696,7 @@ style=\"text-align:left\">")
(if (file-directory-p stem)
(delete-directory stem t))
(make-directory stem)
(setq stem (file-name-as-directory stem))
(copy-file "../doc/misc/texinfo.tex" stem)
(unless (equal type "emacs")
(copy-file "../doc/emacs/emacsver.texi" stem)
......@@ -718,7 +719,7 @@ style=\"text-align:left\">")
(setq ats t)
(message "Unexpanded: %s" (match-string 0)))
(if ats (error "Unexpanded configure variables in Makefile?")))
(write-region nil nil (expand-file-name (format "%s/Makefile" stem))
(write-region nil nil (expand-file-name (format "%sMakefile" stem))
nil 'silent))
(call-process "tar" nil nil nil "-cf" tarfile stem)
(delete-directory stem t)
......@@ -151,6 +151,20 @@ with the mouse (@pxref{Mouse References}), to visit the @dfn{locus} of
the error message in a separate window. The locus is the specific
position in a file where that error occurred.
@cindex compilation mode faces
@vindex compilation-error
@vindex compilation-warning
The appearance of the @file{*compilation*} buffer can be controlled
by customizing the faces which are used to highlight parts of the
@file{*compilation*} buffer, e.g., @code{compilation-error} or
@code{compilation-warning}, for error and warning messages
respectively. Note that since those faces inherit from the
@code{error} and @code{warning} faces, it is also possible to
customize the parent face directly instead.
Use @w{@kbd{M-x customize-group RET compilation}} to see the entire
list of customization variables and faces.
@findex compile-goto-error
@vindex compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error
If you change the variable
......@@ -1093,8 +1093,7 @@ started editing, and asks for confirmation for discarding the changes.
If you agree, the fileset is reverted. If you don't want @kbd{C-x v
u} to show a diff, set the variable @code{vc-revert-show-diff} to
@code{nil} (you can still view the diff directly with @kbd{C-x v =};
@pxref{Old Revisions}). Note that @kbd{C-x v u} cannot be reversed
with the usual undo commands (@pxref{Undo}), so use it with care.
@pxref{Old Revisions}).
On locking-based version control systems, @kbd{C-x v u} leaves files
unlocked; you must lock again to resume editing. You can also use
......@@ -1400,9 +1400,10 @@ to the FSF@. For the reasons behind this, see
Copyright assignment is a simple process. Residents of some countries
can do it entirely electronically. We can help you get started, and
answer any questions you may have (or point you to the people with the
answers), at the @email{} mailing list.
can do it entirely electronically. We can help you get started,
including sending you the forms you should fill, and answer any
questions you may have (or point you to the people with the answers),
at the @email{} mailing list.
(Please note: general discussion about why some GNU projects ask
for a copyright assignment is off-topic for emacs-devel.
......@@ -2303,6 +2303,7 @@ detection and just returns nil."
;; carriage returns in unbuffered mode.
(let ((inhibit-eol-conversion (getenv "PYTHONUNBUFFERED")))
(python-shell--save-temp-file code))))
;; Use `process-file' as it is remote-host friendly.
......@@ -2311,7 +2312,7 @@ detection and just returns nil."
;; Try to cleanup
(delete-file code-file)))
(delete-file code-file))))
(catch 'prompts
......@@ -6142,6 +6142,7 @@ init_display_interactive (void)
#ifdef MSDOS
f->output_data.tty = &the_only_tty_output;
f->output_data.tty->display_info = &the_only_display_info;
if (f->output_method == output_termcap)
......@@ -1118,6 +1118,7 @@ make_terminal_frame (struct terminal *terminal)
f->terminal = terminal;
#ifdef MSDOS
f->output_data.tty = &the_only_tty_output;
f->output_data.tty->display_info = &the_only_display_info;
if (!inhibit_window_system
&& (!FRAMEP (selected_frame) || !FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (selected_frame))
......@@ -420,6 +420,9 @@ static unsigned short outside_cursor;
/* The only display since MS-DOS does not support multiple ones. */
struct tty_display_info the_only_display_info;
/* The only tty_output, since MS-DOS supports only 1 display. */
struct tty_output the_only_tty_output;
/* Support for DOS/V (allows Japanese characters to be displayed on
standard, non-Japanese, ATs). Only supported for DJGPP v2 and later. */
......@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ typedef int XRectangle;
typedef struct tty_display_info Display_Info;
extern struct tty_display_info the_only_display_info;
extern struct tty_output the_only_tty_output;
#define FRAME_X_DISPLAY(f) ((Display *) 0)
#define FRAME_FONT(f) ((f)->output_data.tty->font)
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