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......@@ -52,9 +52,10 @@ coding system detection algorithm should pay attention to ISO2022's
escape sequences. If this variable is non-nil, the algorithm ignores
such escape sequences. The default value is nil, and it is
recommended not to change it except for the special case that you
always want to read any escape code verbatimly. If you just want to
always want to read any escape code verbatim. If you just want to
read a specific file without decoding escape codes, use C-x RET c
(`universal-coding-system-argument'). For instance, C-x RET c latin-1
RET C-x C-f filename RET.
** Variable `default-korean-keyboard' is initialized properly from the
environment variable `HANGUL_KEYBOARD_TYPE'.
......@@ -1286,6 +1287,10 @@ functionality with aliases for the mldrag functions.
* Lisp changes made after edition 2.6 of the Emacs Lisp Manual,
(Display-related features are described in a page of their own below.)
** Function `aset' stores any multibyte character in any string
without signaling "Attempt to change char length of a string". It may
convert a unibyte string to multibyte if necessary.
** The value of the `help-echo' text property is called as a function
or evaluated, if it is not a string already, to obtain a help string.
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2000-07-21 Kenichi Handa <>
* data.c (Faset): Allow storing any multibyte character in a
string. Convert unibyte string to multibyte if necessary.
* xfns.c (x_encode_text): New function.
(x_set_name): Use x_encode_text.
(x_set_title): Likewise.
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