Commit 07cb6bd4 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(lazy-lock) <defgroup>: Move from font-lock.el.

parent 5ec3af5e
......@@ -299,6 +299,10 @@ until TEST returns nil."
`(while (progn ,@body ,test)))
(put 'do-while 'lisp-indent-function (get 'while 'lisp-indent-function)))
(defgroup lazy-lock nil
"Font Lock support mode to fontify lazily."
:group 'font-lock)
(defvar lazy-lock-mode nil) ; Whether we are turned on.
(defvar lazy-lock-buffers nil) ; For deferral.
(defvar lazy-lock-timers (cons nil nil)) ; For deferral and stealth.
......@@ -1050,5 +1054,5 @@ verbosity is controlled via the variable `lazy-lock-stealth-verbose'."
(provide 'lazy-lock)
;;; arch-tag: c1776846-f046-4a45-9684-54b951b12fc9
;; arch-tag: c1776846-f046-4a45-9684-54b951b12fc9
;;; lazy-lock.el ends here
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