Commit 07d7852b authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Use the correct filename for dump file in NS

* nextstep/ (all):
(links): Use mixed case 'Emacs.pdmp' to match the executable name.
parent 0cd250e9
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......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ ns_check_file = @ns_appdir@/@ns_check_file@
.PHONY: all
all: ${ns_appdir} ${ns_appbindir}/Emacs ${ns_appbindir}/emacs.pdmp
all: ${ns_appdir} ${ns_appbindir}/Emacs ${ns_appbindir}/Emacs.pdmp
${ns_check_file} ${ns_appdir}: ${srcdir}/${ns_appsrc} ${ns_appsrc}
rm -rf ${ns_appdir}
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ ${ns_appbindir}/Emacs: ${ns_appdir} ${ns_check_file} ../src/emacs${EXEEXT}
${MKDIR_P} ${ns_appbindir}
cp -f ../src/emacs${EXEEXT} $@
${ns_appbindir}/emacs.pdmp: ${ns_appdir} ${ns_check_file} ../src/emacs${EXEEXT}.pdmp
${ns_appbindir}/Emacs.pdmp: ${ns_appdir} ${ns_check_file} ../src/emacs${EXEEXT}.pdmp
${MKDIR_P} ${ns_appbindir}
cp -f ../src/emacs${EXEEXT}.pdmp $@
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ links: ../src/emacs${EXEEXT}
ln -s $(top_srcdir_abs)/info ${ns_appdir}/Contents/Resources
${MKDIR_P} ${ns_appbindir}
ln -s $(abs_top_builddir)/src/emacs${EXEEXT} ${ns_appbindir}/Emacs
ln -s $(abs_top_builddir)/src/emacs${EXEEXT}.pdmp ${ns_appbindir}/
ln -s $(abs_top_builddir)/src/emacs${EXEEXT}.pdmp ${ns_appbindir}/Emacs.pdmp
ln -s $(abs_top_builddir)/lib-src ${ns_appbindir}/bin
ln -s $(abs_top_builddir)/lib-src ${ns_appbindir}/libexec
${MKDIR_P} ${ns_appdir}/Contents/Resources/etc
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