Commit 07e47d0b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(dabbrev-expand): When snarfing consecutive words,

if previous one was upcased, upcase this one too.
(dabbrev--substitute-expansion): When snarfing consecutive words,
don't case convert here.
parent 09af8ae6
......@@ -438,7 +438,14 @@ See also `dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp' and \\[dabbrev-completion]."
(markerp dabbrev--last-abbrev-location)
(marker-position dabbrev--last-abbrev-location)
(= (point) (1+ dabbrev--last-abbrev-location)))
(let* ((prev-expansion
(- dabbrev--last-abbrev-location (length dabbrev--last-expansion))
;; If the previous expansion was upcased.
;; upcase this one too.
(equal prev-expansion (upcase prev-expansion))))
;; The "abbrev" to expand is just the space.
(setq abbrev " ")
......@@ -459,6 +466,8 @@ See also `dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp' and \\[dabbrev-completion]."
(setq expansion
(buffer-substring dabbrev--last-expansion-location
(if upcase-it
(setq expansion (upcase expansion)))
;; Record the end of this expansion, in case we repeat this.
(setq dabbrev--last-expansion-location (point)))
......@@ -756,9 +765,11 @@ See also `dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp' and \\[dabbrev-completion]."
(substring expansion 0 (length abbrev)))
(not (string= abbrev (downcase abbrev)))
(not (string= abbrev (upcase abbrev))))
(setq use-case-replace nil)
(if use-case-replace
(setq expansion (downcase expansion))))
(setq use-case-replace nil))
(if (equal abbrev " ")
(setq use-case-replace nil))
(if use-case-replace
(setq expansion (downcase expansion)))
(if old
(search-backward old))
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