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Docment that `eval' can be used with local variables in the first

line.  Tell that in shell scripts the second line is used for
local variables.
parent 466b1e75
......@@ -888,6 +888,15 @@ specify a value for the ``variable'' named @code{coding}. The ``value''
must be a coding system name that Emacs recognizes. @xref{Coding
The @code{eval} pseudo-variable, described below, can be specified in
the first line as well.
@cindex shell scripts, and local file variables
In shell scripts, the first line is used to identify the script
interpreter, so you cannot put any local variables there. To accomodate
for this, when Emacs visits a shell script, it looks for local variable
specifications in the @emph{second} line.
A @dfn{local variables list} goes near the end of the file, in the
last page. (It is often best to put it on a page by itself.) The local
variables list starts with a line containing the string @samp{Local
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