Commit 07efa3f0 authored by Sam Steingold's avatar Sam Steingold
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Use `mouse-menu-bar-map' when no other menus are available.

* lisp/menu-bar.el (menu-bar-open): When everything else fails,
use (mouse-menu-bar-map).
parent 57498850
2014-11-27 Sam Steingold <>
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-open): When everything else fails,
use (mouse-menu-bar-map).
2014-11-27 Ulf Jasper <>
* net/newst-treeview.el (newsticker-groups-filename): Change
......@@ -2303,7 +2303,8 @@ If FRAME is nil or not given, use the selected frame."
global-map (vector 'menu-bar menu))
(current-local-map) (vector 'menu-bar menu))
(cdar (minor-mode-key-binding (vector 'menu-bar menu))))
(cdar (minor-mode-key-binding (vector 'menu-bar menu)))
(posn-at-x-y x 0 nil t) nil t)))
(t (with-selected-frame (or frame (selected-frame))
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