Commit 0811177c authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Feval_buffer doc string lexical-binding clarification

* src/lread.c (Feval_buffer): Mention that the lexical-binding
variable is ignored in the doc string (bug#20139).
parent 672fb2c7
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......@@ -2147,6 +2147,12 @@ DO-ALLOW-PRINT, if non-nil, specifies that output functions in the
evaluated code should work normally even if PRINTFLAG is nil, in
which case the output is displayed in the echo area.
This function ignores the current value of the `lexical-binding'
variable. Instead it will heed any
-*- lexical-binding: t -*-
settings in the buffer, and if there is no such setting, the buffer
will be evaluated without lexical binding.
This function preserves the position of point. */)
(Lisp_Object buffer, Lisp_Object printflag, Lisp_Object filename, Lisp_Object unibyte, Lisp_Object do_allow_print)
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