Commit 0822af61 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Escape any special characters in file names.
(gnus-uu-call-asynchronous, gnus-uu-treat-archive): Likewise.

(gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as): Added more corrections
of corrupt uucode.
(gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as): Changed the algorithm for finding
begin/body lines of encoded articles.
(gnus-uu-check-correct-stripped-uucode): Handle
extraneous empty lines in uuencoded postings.

(gnus-uu-uustrip-article-as, gnus-uu-clean-up):
Check before calling process-status.
(gnus-uu-uuencode-and-post): Added possibly non-standard
posting of uuencoded files.

Doc fixes.
(gnus-uu): New function is placeholder for docs.
(gnus-uu-summary-next-subject): Do sit-for before gnus-summary-recenter.
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