Commit 0883e988 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

New functions for getting and setting image properties

* doc/lispref/display.texi (Defining Images): Document

* lisp/image.el (image-set-property): New function.
(image-get-property): Ditto.
parent 10c0e1ca
......@@ -5205,7 +5205,9 @@ the size, and lower means to decrease the size. For instance, a value
of 0.25 will make the image a quarter size of what it originally was.
If the scaling makes the image larger than specified by
@code{:max-width} or @code{:max-height}, the resulting size will not
exceed those two values.
exceed those two values. If both @code{:scale} and
@code{:height}/@code{:width} are specified, the height/width will be
adjusted by the specified scaling factor.
@item :format @var{type}
The value, @var{type}, should be a symbol specifying the type of the
......@@ -5442,6 +5444,19 @@ If none of the alternatives will work, then @var{symbol} is defined
as @code{nil}.
@end defmac
@defun image-set-property image property value
Set the value of @var{property} in @var{image} to @var{value}. If
@var{value} is @code{nil}, the property is removed completely.
(image-set-property image :height 300)
@end lisp
@end defun
@defun image-get-property image property
Return the value of @var{property} in @var{image}.
@end defun
@defun find-image specs
This function provides a convenient way to find an image satisfying one
of a list of image specifications @var{specs}.
......@@ -846,6 +846,7 @@ of `epg-gpg-program' (instead of gpg).
`image-scaling-factor' variable (if Emacs supports scaling the images
in question).
*** Images inserted with `insert-image' and related functions get a
keymap put into the text properties (or overlays) that span the
image. This keymap binds keystrokes for manipulating size and
......@@ -853,7 +854,13 @@ rotation, as well as saving the image to a file.
*** A new library for creating and manipulating SVG images has been
added. See the "SVG Images" section in the lispref manual for details.
added. See the "SVG Images" section in the lispref manual for
*** New functions to access and set image parameters are provided:
`image-get-property' and `image-set-property'.
** Lisp mode
......@@ -435,6 +435,26 @@ Image file names that are not absolute are searched for in the
(image-compute-scaling-factor image-scaling-factor)))
(defun image-set-property (image property value)
If VALUE is nil, PROPERTY is removed from IMAGE. IMAGE is
(if (null value)
(while (cdr image)
;; IMAGE starts with the symbol `image', and the rest is a
;; plist. Decouple plist entries where the key matches
;; the property.
(if (eq (cadr image) property)
(setcdr image (cddr image))
(setq image (cddr image))))
;; Just enter the new value.
(plist-put (cdr image) property value))
(defun image-get-property (image property)
"Return the value of PROPERTY in IMAGE."
(plist-get (cdr image) property))
(defun image-compute-scaling-factor (scaling)
((numberp image-scaling-factor)
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