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* doc/misc/erc.texi: No need to include gpl in this small manual.

parent bb085aed
2012-12-21 Glenn Morris <>
* erc.texi: No need to include gpl in this small manual.
2012-12-14 Glenn Morris <>
* org.texi (copying): Include a copy of the GFDL.
......@@ -62,10 +62,6 @@ and modified without restriction.
* Advanced Usage:: Cool ways of using ERC.
* Getting Help and Reporting Bugs::
* History:: The history of ERC.
* Copying:: The GNU General Public License gives you
permission to redistribute ERC on
certain terms; it also explains that
there is no warranty.
* GNU Free Documentation License:: The license for this documentation.
* Concept Index:: Search for terms.
......@@ -855,10 +851,6 @@ is maintained as part of Emacs.
@end itemize
@node Copying
@include gpl.texi
@node GNU Free Documentation License
@appendix GNU Free Documentation License
@include doclicense.texi
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