Commit 08a61955 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

; test/README: Document TEST_LOAD_EL parameter.

parent 7bbea90b
......@@ -44,6 +44,12 @@ If your test file contains the tests "test-foo", "test2-foo" and
"test-foo-remote", and you want to run only the former two tests, you
could use a selector regexp: "make <filename> SELECTOR='\"foo$$\"'".
Note that although the test files are always compiled (unless they set
no-byte-compile), the source files will be run by default, to give
nicer backtraces. To run the compiled version of a test use
make TEST_LOAD_EL=no ...
(Also, see etc/compilation.txt for compilation mode font lock tests.)
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