Commit 08d03897 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
Browse files

* (install-arch-indep): Install ebrowse.1.

* ebrowse.1: New file, mostly just the results of --help in man format.
parent 636b507b
2008-12-10 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* (install-arch-indep): Install ebrowse.1.
2008-12-09 Ali Bahrami <> (tiny change)
* Add Solaris on x86_64.
......@@ -571,7 +571,7 @@ install-arch-indep: mkdir info install-etc
-chmod -R a+r $(DESTDIR)${datadir}/emacs/${version} $(DESTDIR)${datadir}/emacs/site-lisp ${COPYDESTS} $(DESTDIR)${infodir}
thisdir=`/bin/pwd`; \
cd ${mansrcdir}; \
for page in emacs emacsclient etags ctags ; do \
for page in ebrowse emacs emacsclient etags ctags ; do \
(cd $${thisdir}; \
${INSTALL_DATA} ${mansrcdir}/$${page}.1 $(DESTDIR)${man1dir}/$${page}${manext}; \
chmod a+r $(DESTDIR)${man1dir}/$${page}${manext}); \
2008-12-10 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* ebrowse.1: New file, mostly just the results of --help in man format.
* emacsclient.1: Describe what an empty string argument does for
ebrowse \- create a class hierarchy database
.B emacsclient
.I "[options] files ..."
This manual page documents briefly the
.BR ebrowse
command. Full documentation is available in the GNU Info format.
.B ebrowse
is used to create the database used by the class browser in Emacs.
The programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long
options starting with two dashes (`-').
.B \-a, \-\-append
append output to existing file
.B \-f, \-\-files=FILES
read input file names from FILE
.B \-I, \-\-search-path=LIST
set search path for input files
.B \-m, \-\-min-regexp-length=N
set minimum regexp length to N
.B \-M, \-\-max-regexp-length=N
set maximum regexp length to N
.B \-n, \-\-no-nested-classes
exclude nested classes
.B \-o, \-\-output-file=FILE
set output file name to FILE
.B \-p, \-\-position-info
print info about position in file
.B \-s, \-\-no-structs-or-unions
don't record structs or unions
.B \-v, \-\-verbose
be verbose
.B \-V, \-\-very-verbose
be very verbose
.B \-x, \-\-no-regexps
don't record regular expressions
.B \-\-help
display this help
.B \-\-version
display version info
The program is documented fully in
.IR "Ebrowse"
available via the Info system.
.I Ebrowse
was written by Gerd Möllmann.
Copyright 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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