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(syms_of_buffer): Add %z, %Z, %m and %& to the doc

string of mode-line-format.  Remove the obsolete %t.
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......@@ -4204,6 +4204,7 @@ A string is printed verbatim in the mode line except for %-constructs:\n\
%b -- print buffer name. %f -- print visited file name.\n\
%F -- print frame name.\n\
%* -- print %, * or hyphen. %+ -- print *, % or hyphen.\n\
%& is like %*, but ignore read-only-ness.\n\
% means buffer is read-only and * means it is modified.\n\
For a modified read-only buffer, %* gives % and %+ gives *.\n\
%s -- print process status. %l -- print the current line number.\n\
......@@ -4213,8 +4214,10 @@ A string is printed verbatim in the mode line except for %-constructs:\n\
%p -- print percent of buffer above top of window, or Top, Bot or All.\n\
%P -- print percent of buffer above bottom of window, perhaps plus Top,\n\
or print Bottom or All.\n\
%m -- print the mode name.\n\
%n -- print Narrow if appropriate.\n\
%t -- print T if file is text, B if binary.\n\
%z -- print mnemonics of buffer, terminal, and keyboard coding systems.\n\
%Z -- like %z, but including the end-of-line format.\n\
%[ -- print one [ for each recursive editing level. %] similar.\n\
%% -- print %. %- -- print infinitely many dashes.\n\
Decimal digits after the % specify field width to which to pad.");
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