Commit 08e3087b authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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(malloc, realloc, calloc): Remove decls;

stdlib.h now does this.
parent ca9c0567
......@@ -234,9 +234,6 @@ NOTE-END
#define XPNTR(a) XUINT (a)
/* Declare malloc and realloc in a way that is clean.
But not in makefiles! */
#ifndef NOT_C_CODE
/* We need these because pointers are larger than the default ints. */
#if !defined(__NetBSD__) && !defined(__OpenBSD__)
......@@ -256,20 +253,6 @@ NOTE-END
#undef bzero
#undef bcmp
/* We need to prototype these for the lib-src programs even if we don't
use the system malloc for the Emacs proper. */
/* These declarations are designed to match the ones in gmalloc.c. */
#if defined (__STDC__) && __STDC__
extern void *malloc (), *realloc (), *calloc ();
extern char *malloc (), *realloc (), *calloc ();
#else /* not _MALLOC_INTERNAL */
extern void *malloc (), *realloc (), *calloc ();
#endif /* not _MALLOC_INTERNAL */
extern long *xmalloc (), *xrealloc ();
#ifdef REL_ALLOC
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