Commit 0917cc54 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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Fix dependency sorting in custom-theme-set-variables.

* lisp/custom.el (custom-theme-set-variables): Use a topological sort
for ordering by custom dependencies.
(custom--sort-vars, custom--sort-vars-1): New functions.

Fixes: debbugs:12952
parent d125ca15
2012-11-24 Chong Yidong <>
* custom.el (custom-theme-set-variables): Use a topological sort
for ordering by custom dependencies (Bug#12952).
(custom--sort-vars, custom--sort-vars-1): New functions.
2012-11-24 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-file): Setup default value for
......@@ -948,7 +948,6 @@ prior to evaluating EXP).
COMMENT is a comment string about SYMBOL."
(custom-check-theme theme)
;; Process all the needed autoloads before anything else, so that the
;; subsequent code has all the info it needs (e.g. which var corresponds
;; to a minor mode), regardless of the ordering of the variables.
......@@ -958,29 +957,7 @@ COMMENT is a comment string about SYMBOL."
(memq (get symbol 'custom-autoload) '(nil noset)))
;; This symbol needs to be autoloaded, even just for a `set'.
(custom-load-symbol symbol))))
;; Move minor modes and variables with explicit requires to the end.
(setq args
(sort args
(lambda (a1 a2)
(let* ((sym1 (car a1))
(sym2 (car a2))
(1-then-2 (memq sym1 (get sym2 'custom-dependencies)))
(2-then-1 (memq sym2 (get sym1 'custom-dependencies))))
(cond ((and 1-then-2 2-then-1)
(error "Circular custom dependency between `%s' and `%s'"
sym1 sym2))
(2-then-1 nil)
;; 1 is a dependency of 2, so needs to be set first.
;; Put minor modes and symbols with :require last.
;; Putting minor modes last ensures that the mode
;; function will see other customized values rather
;; than default values.
(t (or (nth 3 a2)
(eq (get sym2 'custom-set)
(setq args (custom--sort-vars args))
(dolist (entry args)
(unless (listp entry)
(error "Incompatible Custom theme spec"))
......@@ -1014,6 +991,60 @@ COMMENT is a comment string about SYMBOL."
(and (or now (default-boundp symbol))
(put symbol 'variable-comment comment)))))))
(defvar custom--sort-vars-table)
(defvar custom--sort-vars-result)
(defun custom--sort-vars (vars)
"Sort VARS based on custom dependencies.
VARS is a list whose elements have the same form as the ARGS
arguments to `custom-theme-set-variables'. Return the sorted
list, in which A occurs before B if B was defined with a
`:set-after' keyword specifying A (see `defcustom')."
(let ((custom--sort-vars-table (make-hash-table))
(dependants (make-hash-table))
(custom--sort-vars-result nil)
;; Construct a pair of tables keyed with the symbols of VARS.
(dolist (var vars)
(puthash (car var) (cons t var) custom--sort-vars-table)
(puthash (car var) var dependants))
;; From the second table, remove symbols that are depended-on.
(dolist (var vars)
(dolist (dep (get (car var) 'custom-dependencies))
(remhash dep dependants)))
;; If a variable is "stand-alone", put it last if it's a minor
;; mode or has a :require flag. This is not really necessary, but
;; putting minor modes last helps ensure that the mode function
;; sees other customized values rather than default values.
(maphash (lambda (sym var)
(when (and (null (get sym 'custom-dependencies))
(or (nth 3 var)
(eq (get sym 'custom-set)
(remhash sym dependants)
(push var last)))
;; The remaining symbols depend on others but are not
;; depended-upon. Do a depth-first topological sort.
(maphash #'custom--sort-vars-1 dependants)
(nreverse (append last custom--sort-vars-result))))
(defun custom--sort-vars-1 (sym &optional _ignored)
(let ((elt (gethash sym custom--sort-vars-table)))
;; The car of the hash table value is nil if the variable has
;; already been processed, `dependant' if it is a dependant in the
;; current graph descent, and t otherwise.
(when elt
((eq (car elt) 'dependant)
(error "Circular custom dependency on `%s'" sym))
((car elt)
(setcar elt 'dependant)
(dolist (dep (get sym 'custom-dependencies))
(custom--sort-vars-1 dep))
(setcar elt nil)
(push (cdr elt) custom--sort-vars-result))))))
;;; Defining themes.
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