Commit 09486324 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Auto-commit of generated files.

parent fddc1855
......@@ -875,7 +875,7 @@ MOSTLYCLEANFILES = core *.stackdump alloca.h alloca.h-t getopt.h \
time.h time.h-t unistd.h unistd.h-t
noinst_LIBRARIES = libgnu.a
DEFAULT_INCLUDES = -I. -I../src -I$(top_srcdir)/src
DEFAULT_INCLUDES = -I. -I$(top_srcdir)/lib -I../src -I$(top_srcdir)/src
libgnu_a_SOURCES = allocator.c c-ctype.h c-ctype.c c-strcase.h \
c-strcasecmp.c c-strncasecmp.c careadlinkat.c md5.c sha1.c \
sha256.c sha512.c dtoastr.c dtotimespec.c filemode.c \
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