Commit 0954b0aa authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-file-name): Remove duplicate definition.

(rmail-set-header): Ensure header changes get saved.
parent 314a8fc3
......@@ -100,20 +100,7 @@ its character representation and its display representation.")
"The current header display style choice, one of
'normal (selected headers) or 'full (all headers).")
; These variables now declared in paths.el.
;(defvar rmail-spool-directory "/usr/spool/mail/"
; "This is the name of the directory used by the system mailer for\n\
;delivering new mail. Its name should end with a slash.")
;(defvar rmail-file-name
; (expand-file-name "~/RMAIL")
; "")
;; Temporary support for mbox.
(defcustom rmail-file-name "~/RMAIL"
"Name of user's primary mail file."
:type 'string
:group 'rmail
:version "21.1")
;; rmail-spool-directory and rmail-file-name are defined in paths.el.
(defgroup rmail nil
"Mail reader for Emacs."
......@@ -2011,7 +1998,9 @@ If MSGNUM is nil, use the current message."
(insert " " value))
(goto-char end)
(insert name ": " value "\n")))
(rmail-error-bad-format msgnum)))))))))
(rmail-error-bad-format msgnum)))))
;; Ensure header changes get saved.
(if end (set-buffer-modified-p t))))))
;;;; *** Rmail Attributes and Keywords ***
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