Commit 0964e562 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

* simple.el (kill-ring-save): Doc fix.

parent ffb34e78
......@@ -1018,7 +1018,11 @@ system cut and paste."
(defun kill-ring-save (beg end)
"Save the region as if killed, but don't kill it."
"Save the region as if killed, but don't kill it.
This command is similar to copy-region-as-kill, except that it gives
visual feedback indicating the extent of the region being copied.
If `interprogram-cut-function' is non-nil, also save the text for a window
system cut and paste."
(interactive "r")
(copy-region-as-kill beg end)
(if (interactive-p)
......@@ -1067,7 +1071,8 @@ comes the newest one."
(delete-region (point) (mark))
(set-mark (point))
(insert (current-kill arg))
(if before (exchange-point-and-mark))))
(if before (exchange-point-and-mark)))
(defun yank (&optional arg)
"Reinsert the last stretch of killed text.
......@@ -1084,7 +1089,8 @@ See also the command \\[yank-pop]."
((eq arg '-) -1)
(t (1- arg)))))
(if (consp arg)
(defun rotate-yank-pointer (arg)
"Rotate the yanking point in the kill ring.
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