Commit 099cffd4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(te-terminal-name-prefix): Change from

"emacs-virtual" to "emacs-em", so that things will work on systems
which allow only short terminal-type names.
(terminal-emulator): Delete the hyphen between
te-terminal-name-prefix and the width and height of the window.
(te-create-terminfo): Reformat the terminfo entry slightly.

(te-terminfo-directory): New variable.
(te-create-terminfo, te-tic-sentinel): Use te-terminfo-directory.
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......@@ -172,7 +172,10 @@ performance.")
(defvar te-pending-output-info nil)
;; Required to support terminfo systems
(defconst te-terminal-name-prefix "emacs-virtual")
(defconst te-terminal-name-prefix "emacs-em"
"Prefix used for terminal type names for Terminfo.")
(defconst te-terminfo-directory "/tmp/emacs-terminfo/"
"Directory used for run-time terminal definition files for Terminfo.")
(defvar te-terminal-name nil)
;;;; escape map
......@@ -1100,7 +1103,7 @@ subprocess started."
(if (null height) (setq height (- (window-height (selected-window)) 1)))
(setq te-width width te-height height)
(setq te-terminal-name (concat te-terminal-name-prefix "-" te-width
(setq te-terminal-name (concat te-terminal-name-prefix te-width
(setq mode-line-buffer-identification
(list (format "Emacs terminal %dx%d: %%b " te-width te-height)
......@@ -1242,22 +1245,25 @@ of the terminal-emulator"
(defun te-create-terminfo ()
"Create and compile a terminfo entry for the virtual terminal. This is kept
in the /tmp directory"
in the directory specified by `te-terminfo-directory'."
(if (and system-uses-terminfo
(not (file-exists-p (concat "/tmp/"
(not (file-exists-p (concat te-terminfo-directory
(substring te-terminal-name-prefix 0 1)
"/" te-terminal-name))))
(let ( (terminfo
(format "%s,mir, xon,cols#%d, lines#%d,"
;; The first newline avoids trouble with ncurses.
(format "%s,\n\tmir, xon,cols#%d, lines#%d,"
te-terminal-name te-width te-height)
"bel=^P^G, clear=^P\\f, cr=^P^A, cub1=^P^B, cud1=^P\\n,"
"cuf1=^P^F, cup=^P=%p1%'\\s'%+%c%p2%'\\s'%+%c,"
"dch=^Pd%p1%'\\s'%+%c, dch1=^Pd!, dl=^P^K%p1%'\\s'%+%c,"
"dl1=^P^K!, ed=^PC, el=^Pc, home=^P=\\s\\s,"
"ich=^P_%p1%'\\s'%+%c, ich1=^P_!, il=^P^O%p1%'\\s'%+%c,"
"il1=^P^O!, ind=^P\\n, nel=\\n,"))
(file-name (concat "/tmp/" te-terminal-name ".tif")) )
"il1=^P^O!, ind=^P\\n, nel=\\n,\n"))
;; The last newline avoids trouble with ncurses.
(file-name (concat te-terminfo-directory te-terminal-name ".tif")) )
(make-directory te-terminfo-directory t)
(set-buffer (create-file-buffer file-name))
(insert terminfo)
......@@ -1265,11 +1271,12 @@ in the /tmp directory"
(kill-buffer nil)
(let ( (process-environment
(cons (concat "TERMINFO=" "/tmp")
(cons (concat "TERMINFO="
(directory-file-name te-terminfo-directory))
process-environment)) )
(set-process-sentinel (start-process "tic" nil "tic" file-name)
(directory-file-name te-terminfo-directory)
(defun te-create-termcap ()
......@@ -1306,7 +1313,7 @@ in the /tmp directory"
"If tic has finished, delete the .tif file"
(if (equal state-change "finished
(delete-file (concat "/tmp/" te-terminal-name ".tif"))))
(delete-file (concat te-terminfo-directory te-terminal-name ".tif"))))
(provide 'terminal)
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