Commit 09c5aa7c authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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(vc-hg-diff): Don't pass an empty string.

parent 60618039
2008-01-09 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* vc-hg.el (vc-hg-diff): Don't pass an empty string.
2008-01-09 Wilson Snyder <>
* progmodes/verilog-mode.el (top-level): Fix spacing.
......@@ -286,8 +286,7 @@
(if oldvers
(if newvers
(list "-r" oldvers "-r" newvers)
(list "-r" oldvers))
(list ""))))))
(list "-r" oldvers)))))))
(defun vc-hg-revision-table (file)
(let ((default-directory (file-name-directory file)))
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