Commit 09dae035 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(cl-map-keymap): Redefine as alias.

(cl-map-keymap-recursively): Use map-keymap.
(cl-macroexpand-all): Don't quote functions.
parent 0d7a020a
......@@ -203,26 +203,12 @@ If so, return the true (non-nil) value returned by PREDICATE."
(not (apply 'every cl-pred cl-seq cl-rest)))
;;; Support for `loop'.
(defun cl-map-keymap (cl-func cl-map)
(while (symbolp cl-map) (setq cl-map (symbol-function cl-map)))
(if (listp cl-map)
(let ((cl-p cl-map))
(while (consp (setq cl-p (cdr cl-p)))
(cond ((consp (car cl-p))
(funcall cl-func (car (car cl-p)) (cdr (car cl-p))))
((or (vectorp (car cl-p)) (char-table-p (car cl-p)))
(cl-map-keymap cl-func (car cl-p)))
((eq (car cl-p) 'keymap)
(setq cl-p nil)))))
(let ((cl-i -1))
(while (< (setq cl-i (1+ cl-i)) (length cl-map))
(if (aref cl-map cl-i)
(funcall cl-func cl-i (aref cl-map cl-i)))))))
(defalias 'cl-map-keymap 'map-keymap)
(defun cl-map-keymap-recursively (cl-func-rec cl-map &optional cl-base)
(or cl-base
(setq cl-base (copy-sequence [0])))
(lambda (cl-key cl-bind)
(aset cl-base (1- (length cl-base)) cl-key)
......@@ -721,11 +707,10 @@ This also does some trivial optimizations to make the form prettier."
(sublis sub (nreverse decls))
(list* 'list '(quote apply)
(list 'list '(quote quote)
(list 'function
(list* 'lambda
(append new (cadadr form))
(sublis sub body))))
(list 'function
(list* 'lambda
(append new (cadadr form))
(sublis sub body)))
(nconc (mapcar (function
(lambda (x)
(list 'list '(quote quote) x)))
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