Commit 09e5eab5 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

("Turkish"): Sync with HEAD.

parent 2bb915b8
......@@ -486,19 +486,25 @@ and it selects the Spanish tutorial."))
(unibyte-display . iso-latin-5)
(input-method . "turkish-postfix")
(sample-text . "Turkish (T$(D+d(Brk$(D+.(Be) Merhaba")
. (lambda ()
(set-case-syntax-pair ?I ?$(D)E(B (standard-case-table))
(set-case-syntax-pair ?$(D*D(B ?i (standard-case-table))))
. (lambda ()
(set-case-syntax-pair ?I ?i (standard-case-table))
(set-case-syntax ?$(D)E(B "w" (standard-case-table))
(set-case-syntax ?$(D*D(B "w" (standard-case-table))))
(setup-function . turkish-case-conversion-enable)
(setup-function . turkish-case-conversion-disable)
(documentation . "Support for Turkish.
Differs from the Latin-5 environment in using the `turkish-postfix' input
method and applying Turkish case rules for the characters i, I, $(D)E(B, $(D*D(B.")))
(defun turkish-case-conversion-enable ()
"Set up Turkish case conversion of `i' and `I' into `$(D*D(B' and `$(D)E(B'."
(let ((table (standard-case-table)))
(set-case-syntax-pair ?$(D*D(B ?i table)
(set-case-syntax-pair ?I ?$(D)E(B table)))
(defun turkish-case-conversion-disable ()
"Set up normal (non-Turkish) case conversion of `i' into `I'."
(let ((table (standard-case-table)))
(set-case-syntax-pair ?I ?i table)
(set-case-syntax ?$(D*D(B "w" table)
(set-case-syntax ?$(D)E(B "w" table)))
;; Polish ISO 8859-2 environment.
;; Maintainer: Wlodek Bzyl <>
;; Keywords: multilingual, Polish
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