Commit 09e9dd66 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(R_ALLOC_DECLARE): Removed because unused.

(r_alloc, r_re_alloc, r_alloc_free): Use POINTER_TYPE and size_t
in prototypes.
parent b1b4ce06
......@@ -841,22 +841,23 @@ extern Lisp_Object Vtransient_mark_mode;
#ifdef REL_ALLOC
extern char *r_alloc P_ ((char **, unsigned long));
extern void r_alloc_free P_ ((char **ptr));
extern char *r_re_alloc P_ ((char **, unsigned long));
#define BUFFER_ALLOC(data,size) \
((unsigned char *) r_alloc ((char **)&data, (size)))
#define BUFFER_REALLOC(data,size) \
((unsigned char *) r_re_alloc ((char **) &data, (size)))
#define BUFFER_FREE(data) (r_alloc_free ((char **) &data))
#define R_ALLOC_DECLARE(var,data) (r_alloc_declare (&var, (data)))
extern POINTER_TYPE *r_alloc P_ ((POINTER_TYPE **, size_t));
extern POINTER_TYPE *r_re_alloc P_ ((POINTER_TYPE **, size_t));
extern void r_alloc_free P_ ((POINTER_TYPE **ptr));
#define BUFFER_ALLOC(data, size) \
((unsigned char *) r_alloc ((POINTER_TYPE **) &data, (size)))
#define BUFFER_REALLOC(data, size) \
((unsigned char *) r_re_alloc ((POINTER_TYPE **) &data, (size)))
#define BUFFER_FREE(data) (r_alloc_free ((POINTER_TYPE **) &data))
#else /* not REL_ALLOC */
#define BUFFER_ALLOC(data,size) (data = (unsigned char *) malloc ((size)))
#define BUFFER_REALLOC(data,size) ((unsigned char *) realloc ((data), (size)))
#define BUFFER_FREE(data) (free ((data)))
#define R_ALLOC_DECLARE(var,data)
#endif /* not REL_ALLOC */
Buffer-local Variables
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