Commit 0a0fdc70 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x_error_quitter): Delete newline from sprintf string.

parent dbf0d3f8
...@@ -4555,7 +4555,7 @@ x_error_quitter (display, error) ...@@ -4555,7 +4555,7 @@ x_error_quitter (display, error)
original error handler. */ original error handler. */
XGetErrorText (display, error->error_code, buf, sizeof (buf)); XGetErrorText (display, error->error_code, buf, sizeof (buf));
sprintf (buf1, "X protocol error: %s on protocol request %d\n", sprintf (buf1, "X protocol error: %s on protocol request %d",
buf, error->request_code); buf, error->request_code);
x_connection_closed (display, buf1); x_connection_closed (display, buf1);
} }
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