Commit 0a1f771a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(window_scroll): Always set force_start.

parent cce2176a
......@@ -2549,6 +2549,10 @@ window_scroll (window, n, noerror)
int lose;
Lisp_Object bolp, nmoved;
/* Always set force_start so that redisplay_window will run
thw window-start-functions. */
w->force_start = Qt;
tem = Fpos_visible_in_window_p (tem, window);
......@@ -2557,7 +2561,6 @@ window_scroll (window, n, noerror)
Fvertical_motion (make_number (- (ht / 2)), window);
Fset_marker (w->start, tem, w->buffer);
w->force_start = Qt;
SET_PT (marker_position (w->start));
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