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Merge vhdl-mode.el version 3.33.6, from Reto Zimmermann <>.

parent d749b6fa
2005-08-31 Reto Zimmermann <>
* progmodes/vhdl-mode.el
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Handle multi-dimensional array
(vhdl-end-p): Fix indentation bug "else" after "-- when".
(vhdl-set-default-project): New function (easier setting of
(vhdl-port-copy): Handle extended identifiers for generics.
(vhdl-compiler-alist): Better description for error message
(vhdl-make): Query for target, use previous as default.
(vhdl-port-copy): Fix port copy for port names starting with
(vhdl-font-lock-keywords-2): Fix fontification for record
el. assign.
(vhdl-speedbar-make-subpack-line): Add package body link.
(vhdl-generate-makefile-1): Not include itself as dependency.
(vhdl-font-lock-init): Highlight c-preprocessor directives.
(vhdl-*ward-syntactic-ws): Skip c-preprocessor directives.
(vhdl-get-syntactic-context): Handle c-preprocessor directives.
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Start scan at opening parenthesis.
(vhdl-fixup-whitespace-region): Fix jumping point (infinite loop).
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list-buffer): Add string argument for
(vhdl-import-project): Add string argument for `error'.
vhdl-compose-configuration-architecture): Add configuration
declaration generation.
(vhdl-scan-directory-contents): Scan for block/generate hierarchy.
(vhdl-trailer-re): Add "record" keyword (better indentation).
(vhdl-fixup-whitespace-region): "[^ \t\"-]+" instead of
"[^ \t-\"]+".
(vhdl-font-lock-keywords-2): Not highlight formal parameter after
vhdl-testbench-architecture-file-name): Allow separate
customization of testbench file names.
(vhdl-beginning-of-block): Handle optional subprogram parameter
(vhdl-get-visible-signals): Allow newline within alias
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Signal read only on certain
(vhdl-fixup-whitespace-region): Fix bug with strings (double
(member-ignore-case): Alias for missing function in XEmacs.
(vhdl-compiler-alist): Add unit-to-file name mapping for Cadence
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Ignore case on read signals.
(vhdl-replace-string): Adjust case only for file names.
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Fix search for read signals.
(vhdl-update-sensitivity-list): Exclude formal parameters.
(vhdl-get-visible-signals): Include aliases of signals.
(vhdl-get-visible-signals): Fix signal name searching.
(vhdl-port-flatten, vhdl-port-reverse-direction): Better message.
(vhdl-fixup-whitespace-region): Fix for character
literals (e.g. ':').
2005-08-31 Juanma Barranquero <>
* ansi-color.el (comint-last-output-start):
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