Commit 0a321fcf authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fread_file_name): Doc fix.

parent 3a8a3a66
......@@ -5600,7 +5600,11 @@ Default name to DEFAULT-FILENAME if user enters a null string.\n\
Fourth arg MUSTMATCH non-nil means require existing file's name.\n\
Non-nil and non-t means also require confirmation after completion.\n\
Fifth arg INITIAL specifies text to start with.\n\
DIR defaults to current buffer's directory default.")
DIR defaults to current buffer's directory default.\n\
If this command was invoked with the mouse, use a file dialog box if\n\
`use-dialog-box' is non-nil, and the window system or X toolkit in use\n\
provides a file dialog box..")
(prompt, dir, default_filename, mustmatch, initial)
Lisp_Object prompt, dir, default_filename, mustmatch, initial;
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