Commit 0a3d584c authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Avoid infloop in which-function-mode when a vc file has changed

* lisp/vc/diff-mode.el (diff-find-source-location): Avoid warnings
when called from which-function-mode and the file has changed
parent 6d0b2a60
......@@ -1860,7 +1860,10 @@ SWITCHED is non-nil if the patch is already applied."
(buf (if revision
(let ((vc-find-revision-no-save t))
(vc-find-revision (expand-file-name file) revision diff-vc-backend))
(find-file-noselect file))))
;; NOPROMPT is only non-nil when called from
;; `which-function-mode', so avoid "File x changed
;; on disk. Reread from disk?" warnings.
(find-file-noselect file noprompt))))
;; Update the user preference if he so wished.
(when (> (prefix-numeric-value other-file) 8)
(setq diff-jump-to-old-file other))
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