Commit 0a42be6d authored by Romain Francoise's avatar Romain Francoise
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(Fset_input_mode): Don't call `Fset_quit_char' if QUIT hasn't been

parent 7196c970
2007-08-29 Romain Francoise <>
* keyboard.c (Fset_input_mode): Don't call `Fset_quit_char' if
QUIT hasn't been provided.
2007-08-29 Dan Nicolaescu <> 2007-08-29 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* callproc.c (child_setup, getenv_internal): Use the * callproc.c (child_setup, getenv_internal): Use the
...@@ -11319,6 +11319,7 @@ See also `current-input-mode'. */) ...@@ -11319,6 +11319,7 @@ See also `current-input-mode'. */)
Fset_input_interrupt_mode (interrupt); Fset_input_interrupt_mode (interrupt);
Fset_output_flow_control (flow, Qnil); Fset_output_flow_control (flow, Qnil);
Fset_input_meta_mode (meta, Qnil); Fset_input_meta_mode (meta, Qnil);
if (!NILP (quit))
Fset_quit_char (quit); Fset_quit_char (quit);
return Qnil; return Qnil;
} }
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