Commit 0a4d25e5 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* info.el: Comment.

parent 6deb314e
......@@ -3962,6 +3962,9 @@ If FORK is non-nil, it is passed to `Info-goto-node'."
(define-key map "f" 'Info-follow-reference)
(define-key map "g" 'Info-goto-node)
(define-key map "h" 'Info-help)
;; This is for compatibility with standalone info (>~ version 5.2).
;; Though for some time, standalone info had H and h reversed.
;; See <>.
(define-key map "H" 'describe-mode)
(define-key map "i" 'Info-index)
(define-key map "I" 'Info-virtual-index)
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