Commit 0a5212b9 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Adapt test names in tramp-archive-tests.el

* test/lisp/net/tramp-archive-tests.el
(tramp-archive-test45-delay-load): Rename.
parent a80e1045
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in 56 minutes and 58 seconds
......@@ -777,7 +777,7 @@ This tests also `file-executable-p', `file-writable-p' and `set-file-modes'."
;; The functions were introduced in Emacs 26.1.
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test38-make-nearby-temp-file ()
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test39-make-nearby-temp-file ()
"Check `make-nearby-temp-file' and `temporary-file-directory'."
(skip-unless tramp-archive-enabled)
;; Since Emacs 26.1.
......@@ -814,7 +814,7 @@ This tests also `file-executable-p', `file-writable-p' and `set-file-modes'."
(delete-directory tmp-file)
(should-not (file-exists-p tmp-file))))
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test41-file-system-info ()
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test42-file-system-info ()
"Check that `file-system-info' returns proper values."
(skip-unless tramp-archive-enabled)
;; Since Emacs 27.1.
......@@ -831,7 +831,7 @@ This tests also `file-executable-p', `file-writable-p' and `set-file-modes'."
(zerop (nth 1 fsi))
(zerop (nth 2 fsi))))))
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test44-auto-load ()
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test45-auto-load ()
"Check that `tramp-archive' autoloads properly."
:tags '(:expensive-test)
(skip-unless tramp-archive-enabled)
......@@ -862,7 +862,7 @@ This tests also `file-executable-p', `file-writable-p' and `set-file-modes'."
(mapconcat #'shell-quote-argument load-path " -L ")
(shell-quote-argument (format code file)))))))))
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test44-delay-load ()
(ert-deftest tramp-archive-test45-delay-load ()
"Check that `tramp-archive' is loaded lazily, only when needed."
:tags '(:expensive-test)
(skip-unless tramp-archive-enabled)
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