Commit 0a56bf8c authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(load-library): Improve docstring.

parent 5bd66204
......@@ -829,12 +829,11 @@ Return nil if COMMAND is not found anywhere in `exec-path'."
(locate-file command exec-path exec-suffixes 1))
(defun load-library (library)
"Load the library named LIBRARY.
LIBRARY should be a relative file name of the library, a string.
It can omit the suffix (a.k.a. file-name extension).
This is an interface to the function `load'."
"Load the Emacs Lisp library named LIBRARY.
This is one of two interfaces (the other being `load-file') to the underlying
function `load'. The library actually loaded is searched for in `load-path'
with or without the `load-suffixes' (as well as `load-file-rep-suffixes').
See Info node `(emacs)Lisp Libraries' for more details."
(list (completing-read "Load library: "
(apply-partially 'locate-file-completion-table
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