Commit 0aafc975 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(make_lispy_event): For menu bar event in USE_X_TOOLKIT

case, convert x position to glyphs after map_event_to_object.
Call window_from_coordinates later on.
parent c8dba240
......@@ -2492,9 +2492,7 @@ make_lispy_event (event)
int part;
FRAME_PTR f = XFRAME (event->frame_or_window);
Lisp_Object window
= window_from_coordinates (f, XINT (event->x), XINT (event->y),
Lisp_Object window;
Lisp_Object posn;
......@@ -2503,14 +2501,22 @@ make_lispy_event (event)
if (XINT (event->y) < FRAME_MENU_BAR_LINES (f))
Lisp_Object items;
/* The click happened in the menubar.
Look for the menu item selected. */
Lisp_Object items = map_event_to_object (event, f);
int row, column;
items = map_event_to_object (event, f);
pixel_to_glyph_coords (f, XINT (event->x), XINT (event->y),
&column, &row, 0, 0);
XFASTINT (event->x) = column;
XFASTINT (event->y) = 1;
#else /* not USE_X_TOOLKIT */
int hpos;
Lisp_Object items;
for (; CONSP (items); items = XCONS (items)->cdr)
......@@ -2535,7 +2541,11 @@ make_lispy_event (event)
return Fcons (Qnil, Fcons (position, Qnil));
else if (XTYPE (window) != Lisp_Window)
window = window_from_coordinates (f, XINT (event->x),
XINT (event->y), &part);
if (XTYPE (window) != Lisp_Window)
posn = Qnil;
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